It's hard to get a good photo, but it's even harder when I have to talk about myself.

If you think an image is worth a thousand words just look at the image on right side and forget this text! :)))

My passion for photography started, sixteen years ago, when I bought my first SLR (Nikon F60).

After some years "burning" film I am, nowadays, almost completely devoted to the digital system.

I do make some small incursions into the "analog world", mainly in the medium format, but almost every piece of light I record uses "zeros" and "ones".

In 2002 this passion had a son named The creation of the website has been, at the same time, a challenge and a way of sharing some of my work. In 2008 became

In 2013 I created a new "webspace" in Facebook: David C Martins Fine Art Photography.

This new version of the website has a "cleaner" design allowing visitors to focus their attention on photography, I hope I can grab yours!

Feel free to share it with your friends and photography passionates!

You are invited to look at our world through my lenses... or through my eyes.


Porto [Portugal]

January 2014